Target Pricing, £2 per client per month;
 for everything  

Our competitors charge per seat, per user - they get paid regardless of the usage/impact of their technology. In fact, their pricing means they win if you don't use their software (no cost of servers etc.) and if you have to go out hiring more people.

A digital mockup of the ningi dashboard with a client profile displayed.

Pricing strategy

We want the firms we work with to win, not just to pay us. The win state seems to be - you can take on more clients, without taking on more staff; and deliver a better service to all clients. Our pricing means we get paid when you take on more clients and our costs go up when yours go up (i.e. if you take on more staff to handle those additional clients).‎

It is all inclusive, all you can eat. So it is simple, easy and there are no barriers to you offering up new awesomeness to your clients.‎

A mockup of a laptop displaying some pricing information

Why so cheap?

We are aiming to be 10x cheaper than our competition, and 10x better. If we fall a little short, it will still be mind-bendingly good! Remember, this isn't just CRM/Practice management; it is robo- hybrid- report writing, MI, client portal, website, tools and calculators.

What if I get loads more clients? I will end up paying you loads...

What a nice problem to have! A bit like having to pay loads of tax as you are earning so much money. If you are able to scale and manage more clients as a result of our technology, your revenue will be scaling along with it. This way we will all get paid on the same basis and are driving toward the same end.

An assortment of the features that ningi provides for it's clients -  and what financial advisers can expect to offer their client, in turn.

The caveats

Pricing subject to change, this is our intent - we're still early and things may change… they probably will change. We will pass on costs where additional services/integrations incur a charge from someone else. E.g. open banking or email/calendar integrations; we've partnered up and integrated with pro's in these areas - they charge for their services and we don't have the margins to swallow this - so pass it through to our clients.

The cost is very low, and optional if you want to turn that stuff on. Monthly minimums - eventually there will be no minimum client number. But for the time being, we are making large investments in our early adopter clients, in terms of time & focus… so we will agree a minimum number of client licences you will need to buy per month.

A client = a person in our system.