Who we are

Ningi is the no-brainer technology choice for ambitious small & medium sized financial advice firms in the UK.

We're the only piece of software our clients want to use, and allow any adviser to launch a Robo and/or Hybrid advice proposition.

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Why Ningi exists

There is plenty of tech flying around in the financial advice 'space' so, why another one?

We think it's simple and Ningi is here to make it happen!

It's still broken

Giving financial advice is complex and inefficient.

Clients are asked for the same information multiple times and advisers have to enter information into multiple systems.

While some solutions exist, they are either expensive or fragmented. An integrated solution is out of reach of most small and medium sized firms.

Taking the dream

Ningi brings big consultancy thinking to small, nimble businesses.

Taking solutions that the big guys have been too slow to implement, and packaging them up into a single low cost platform for more agile firms to run with.

Making it happen

By providing one piece of software, the principle challenges of integration & time-to-implement are removed.

Being 10x cheaper than our competition, combines with the simplicity of the product to make Ningi an easy solution to adopt.

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